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The Mississippi Gulf Coast is rich in History, and an educational playground to wanderers and bird watching enthusiasts. With its unique ecosystem of hardwood and cypress swamps, salt marshes, and natural historical landmarks, there is so much to see

Explore The Beauty Of The Gulf Coast

wooden boardwalk leading into a swamp
bald eagle flying over the water carrying a fish
a swampy river
aligator crossing sign
old railway crossing in the forest
trees in a Pearlington swamp
With it’s many natural bayou’s and home to the National Heritage Trail, where you can walk through the swampy marsh, overlooking ancient Cypress and Hardwood Trees. Home to the Alligator and The American Bald Eagle, The East Pearl River provides a habitat for many species of wildlife including the sturgeon and black bears.
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We invite you to join us and hear about the history of the area. From long ago battles to the stories of Pirate Jean Laffitte. All this while we explore the wildlife, ecosystem, and Ancient Indian burial grounds of the area.